Belt Adjustment

The Moby PowerBoard uses a dual stage, belt driven system to transmit power to the rear wheel. Belts should be regularly inspected for adjustment. Both belts are adjusted with two procedures.

Tighten both belt adjusters on either side of the frame (Fig. 15) in equal increments until the small belt has approximately inch of play when measured between the pulleys.

Next, loosen the rear axle lock nut, using a 17mm wrench or socket. Adjust the tension in the larger belt by using the rear wheel adjusters located at the rear of the frame, behind the wheel (Fig. 16). The belt should have approximately inch of play. Make sure that the wheel is lined up in the center of the frame.

After adjustment, test ride the unit for a short distance to ensure that the belts ride in the center of their pulleys. If they tend to ride on one side of the pulley(s), adjust the opposite side adjuster until the belt centers on the pulley, being careful to maintain the correct belt tension.

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